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Primary Prevention

Are you feeling top notch, but want to make sure your body is in line with how you feel?

Are you looking to prevent pain and dysfunction for your future self?

Take control of your future and build a strong foundation which will limit your risk of pain and inhibiting symptoms as you age and navigate life.

Physical Therapy in Middebury and Burlington, VT

Prenatal Care

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you're already a pro, each pregnancy affects the body in a different way. Don't let pregnancy discomforts stop you from getting sleep, exercising, and living your life. 

Post-Partum Physical Therapy in Middlebury and Burlington, VT
Preventative health in Middlebury and Burlington, VT

Physical Therapy+ Pelvic Floor Therapy

New Moon provides 1 hour of 1:1 focused manual therapy and individualized exercise programs for women experiencing pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. Not sure if you could benefit from physical therapy? Take our symptom assessment here.

Return to your activities and motherhood duties comfortably and fearlessly!

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga


Beginning at 2 weeks post partum, a new mama can begin working on herself to create a strong foundation needed to return to increased activity levels, exercise, and anything which requires physical demand. One-third of all women have a pelvic floor dysfunction after giving birth; and all women go through postural and muscular, changes during pregnancy that can lead to pain and movement dysfunction. 

New Moon is here to guide the healing mama on the road to optimal recovery. What does that mean for you? Being able to be the busy and active mom you are without worrying about pain, discomfort, and leakage (and enjoy intimacy with your spouse again)! 


If you have kids, your body is still considered post partum due to what it has been through (even if it was a while ago)! New Moon is here to help you with those "common, but not normal" symptoms you thought you had to live with. It's time to get your body back into the shape it deserves to be in so you can keep up the pace without annoying pain and bladder disturbances.

Dry Needling

Often part of the regular plan of care, Dry Needling is used to improve trigger point pain, muscle tension/restrictions, and for re-training of muscles during specific activities. Patient's often feel some level of instant relief following treatment. 


Disclaimer: This is NOT ACCUPUNCTURE, though the needles are the same.

Telehealth Physical Therapy in Middlebury and Burlington, VT


Are you pregnant or recently post-partum looking for guidance on what exercise is and isn't okay?

Looking for some pro-tips for pregnancy and postpartum activity modifications and pain management?

Wondering if physical therapy can help, but need some questions answered first?

Or do you just need to know..."What and whyyyy physical therapy?"

Dry Needling in Middlebury and Burlington, VT


COVD-19 times can be stressful and restrictive. Telehealth is currently being offered to our patients who are uncomfortable or unable to be treated in person. It is recommended to have a hybrid plan of care, utilizing in-person treatment sessions, if possible, in order to maximize successful outcomes.

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