"As moms, we are in it together-raising the future. We are a tribe of future makers. So let's support each other."
-Merissa Hermer


New Moon Physical Therapy and Wellness was created by Dr. Davida Murray after 6 years of being in the main-stream physical therapy workplace and three kids later. It didn't take long to realize typical physical therapy does not provide patients with all the attention they need and deserve due to limitations set by insurance companies and productivity requirements. It also became very evident after Dr. Davida had children that the medical system does not place enough emphasis and give enough resources to the recovery of the post-partum woman.

New Moon is designed to focus solely on the patient using a holistic approach, without any insurance company or provider dictating external requirements. New Moon is only here for one reason- to give women and mothers the 100% attention they deserve in order to lead themselves and their families without any pain or dysfunction that may require them to sit on the sidelines or not function at their full capacity. 

How a woman recovers after having a baby can affect her decades later. New Moon is here to make sure every woman only has a positive post-partum experience with no negative physical implications as she ages. Even more, we want woman who have had children, even many years ago, to now get the full attention their body still deserves.

Because moms are busy taking care of themselves and others, New Moon makes moms lives easier by treating them in their home or office in the Middlebury and Burlington, VT areas.




Dr. Davida is a fiercely passionate mother to her 3 children and wife to her husband, as well as a strong supporter of moms everywhere. She believes moms are the ultimate super-heroines who never get enough recognition or support. She is now on a mission to do her part to change that.


Growing up in the suburbs of Houston, TX, Dr. Davida devoted her time to school and basketball. She went on to pursue her Doctorate of Physical Therapy, graduating in 2015. Through her experience as a physical therapist, she has worked in all settings from hospitals to nursing homes to your every day private practice. Her chosen areas of specialization are women’s orthopedic and pelvic-centered therapies. 

After having her first child in 2016, Dr. Davida realized there is a severe lack of resources and information present for post-partum women struggling with the physical experience of pregnancy and childbirth- all on on top of having a newborn and thousands of new questions, worries, and concerns for the new baby. Dr. Davida struggled with severe pelvic pain for months after delivery, and was never offered any information or help as to why this was happening and how to fix it. She was only told, "This is normal. It will get better with time." However, she knew this was not "normal" and desperately needed physical therapy, but was the only one on her team who knew it. Dr. Davida has since realized she is not the only one who is left to her own knowledge and resources. So many women experience post-partum pain and leakage and are being told "this is normal." Even more woman suffer from chronic pains and incontinence years after having a baby because her body never truly restored to it's full proper, functional capacity. Because of this, she now has a passion for educating and healing women experiencing pregnancy and current or lasting post-partum related symptoms. Just because symptoms are common does not make them normal!

Dr. Davida Murray, PT, DPT middlebury, VT


Have you given birth?

Have you ever delivered vaginally or had a C-section? Did you tear? Did you require a vacuum or forceps to assist with delivery? Have you had multiple deliveries?

Do you have frequent pains, especially during physical activities?

Do you constantly complain of specific pain? Do you avoid doing activities or chores because of the pain? Are you grumpy from your pain? Are you not wanting to lift your child or play with them because it hurts?

Do you have pelvic pain?

Do you suffer from frequent, constant or periodic pain in your lower belly, pelvis, low back,  vagina, groin, hips, buttocks or down the leg? Do you have endometriosis, painful bladder syndrome, frequent UTI's? Do you feel a sense of heaviness or pressure in your vagina, rectum or perineum?

Do you have painful periods?

Does your menstruation pain prevent you from doing activities? Are you needing to stay in bed with a heating pad an Adbil all day? Is Advil sometimes not enough?

Do you have bladder leakage?

Do you leak when you cough, sneeze, laugh, lift, bend, or exercise? Do you have to wear annoying pads to protect against leakage? Do you continue to urinate when you stand up from the toilet?

Do you "Gotta Go" too often?

Do you know where all the bathrooms are in town? Are you uncomfortable being out of the house because you have to go to the bathroom so often? Do you have to get up at least once during a movie because of your bladder? Do you not sleep as well because you have to get up more than 1 time per night? Do you go to the restroom every couple hours or more often?

Do you have strong urges "to go"?

Do you feel like you have to get to the restroom "now"?

Do you sometimes not make it to the restroom in time?

Do you have to stop what you are doing to get to the restroom?

Do you leak on the way to the bathroom?

Does vaginal penetration hurt?

Do you suffer through painful intercourse? Are you reluctant to have intercourse because of pain? Do you feel guilty because you have to say "no"? Do you have pain inserting tampons or menstrual cups?

Do you have bowel issues?

Do you have:  Constipation? Bowel urgency? Passing gas without the ability to stop it? Painful bowl movements? Loss of bowels/bowel leakage? Irritable Bowel Syndrome?